Branded Urban and Community Wayfinding

Recognizing the power of branding, most cities and communities have begun to establish their own identities in order to capitalize on the qualities they want to convey to residents, business owners and tourists. And just like commercial enterprises and institutions, these communities need high level wayfinding sign systems to enhance and reinforce their identities. The brand is integral to the wayfinding sign system and serves to reinforce the city or community’s brand strategy.

This relationship and the power of wayfinding signs should not be taken for granted as it is what ties the city’s brand, an intangible but valuable set of attributes, to the actual physical environment. Graphic and architectural branding through wayfinding signage supports navigation to key destinations, reinforces the community identity and improves the quality of the environment. In the best instances, wayfinding signage supports new discoveries and experiences and reassures people through reliable familiarity creating an emotional attachment that leads to an even more favorable perception of your community’s brand. A well-designed wayfinding signage system is a powerful asset to your city’s identity.

ID Signsystems is a leader in the development of community wayfinding with an extensive planning, design and implementation process that ensures development of high quality wayfinding sign systems to enhance landmark discovery and navigation.

Our planning process starts with a stakeholder visioning session that results in a conceptual master plan for a vocabulary of branded wayfinding sign elements. From this master plan signs are designed, developed and value-engineered for economical fabrication and maintenance. We use a combination of modular and custom sign types based on the requirements of each project. IDS will also manage the signage approval process with local and state regulatory agencies. Finally we manage the fabrication and installation of all signs and provide guidelines for ongoing management.

In addition to traditional wayfinding systems, IDS has developed a series of products and services that support community wayfinding. Leading products include custom solar powered signs, our industry leading Solispost solar bollards and our series of streetscape kiosk displays. Innovative services include the development of transportation wayfinding as part of community systems and the integration of park, zoo and campus signs into larger community wayfinding systems.

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