Solispost Illuminated Bollards Pass the Test at Mars Petcare

Solispost Illuminated Bollards Pass the Test at Mars Petcare

We are an enthusiastic supplier of the revolutionary Solispost product – an Eco-friendly and affordable solar-powered bollard system, proven to enhance safety while reducing installation and operation costs. The self-contained solar technology represents the wave of the future, as a long-lasting, high-tech solution with sophisticated aesthetics. Read the following story about one notable Solispost installation that has drawn rave reviews in 2015. Read the following story about one notable Solispost installation that has drawn rave reviews in 2015.

Mars Petcare realizes cost and safety benefits following Solispost installation

New Solispost solar powered illuminated bollards were installed earlier this year at the Mars Petcare facility at Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. Twenty-four new Solisposts now line a road and also provide reassuring illumination along the pedestrian pathway leading to the mass-transit station.

The Solispost installation has enabled Mars to limit energy usage, both at installation stage and on a daily basis, with zero energy costs. The entire unit is fully powered by four solar panels integrated within the Solispost network.

Chris Dugmore, Corporate Affairs Manager of Mars Petcare said, “At Mars, we have set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets and are always looking at ways to reduce our energy usage. We have installed Solisposts along a new path on our factory site and are extremely happy with them – they are well-designed and compared with a traditional hard wired bollard, they provide substantial savings on energy and installation.“

Solispost Installation at Mars Petcare

Solispost Installation at Mars Petcare

Simply brilliant technology behind the beauty

Installation of Solispost bollards typically costs about one-third of the usual fees for installing standard electric bollards, since no electrical connections are required. This eliminates the need for trenching, cabling and adding a fuse box. Not only are the cost savings welcomed, but the integrity of the existing surfaces are maintained with no ugly resurfacing required after installation.

Maintenance costs are also minimal with just an annual cleaning consisting of a light wash with water and detergent. Battery lifetime has been calculated at more than five years. Energy consumption is significantly limited due to the intelligent design of the technology.

Solispost bollards provide continuous low-level illumination throughout the hours of darkness. Sensors automatically detect the approach of pedestrians or cyclists so that the illumination level is increased as the person walks by. In this way, a lighted pathway is visible into the distance while the pedestrian is always within a pool of brighter, reassuring light. The Solispost solar panels are oriented so that they gather the maximum light possible during winter months ensuring Solisposts function properly, irrespective of the weather.

ID Signsystems is proud to represent Solispost; a state-of-the-art, solar-powered wayfinding solution whose time has come. Enhance safety on your premises while demonstrating responsibility to the environment. Control installation costs as well as your ongoing energy consumption by installing this Eco-friendly and durable new technology at your facility.

Find out more and learn how you can become part of the Solispost revolution here.


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