Lightboxes: A cornerstone of “Transparent” 21st Century Retail Development

An illuminating trend gaining momentum

Another year and retail again is seemingly on the ropes with the rapid expansion of internet shopping overtaking the market. Yet for another year, stores are expanding and continue to construct flagship outlets around the world, while leading luxury malls are increasing in size.

One key architectural trend in new retail developments is the use of transparency and light. Retail surveys indicate that people are attracted to spaces with “bright lighting they can easily see into” as well as “illuminated graphics and signs”. This has sparked a mini revolution, not only in building development, but also in displays and fixtures that allow visitors to see into and through stores.

Dedicated to a philosophy of evidence-based design, ID Signsystems has been a leading developer of illuminated signs and boxes that take advantage of these trends in illumination and transparency. One exciting, new product is the thin, frameless lightbox technology we’ve developed. Their innovative design allows for seamless integration of the lightboxes into architecture and fixtures. We have also designed a process for developing complex channel letter signs that can float in spaces.

Versatility leads to creative applications

Lightboxes can be integrated into modular and custom fixtures, signs and displays. Our custom-fabricated lightboxes have a multitude of applications, including: interior and exterior graphic walls; trade shows; retail signage; exhibitions; and donor recognition programs. In addition to a range of standard-size lightboxes ID Signsystems builds them in any size, shape, suitable for a wide variety of graphic approaches.

Fabricated in any depth over 3.75” (85mm), custom lightboxes can be created with dye-sublimated printed stretch fabric or more durable plexiglass surfaces. In addition, customized lighting approaches can be used, including DMX-controlled RGB lighting. This impressive versatility ensures a very bright future for this exciting product line!

Learn more about our frameless, modular LED lightbox system here.


People are attracted to spaces with “bright lighting they can easily see into”

ID Light Boxes

Customers are also attracted to “illuminated graphics and signs”

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