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International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB), created in 1968, is a not-for-profit educational foundation currently operating in 143 countries. International Baccalaureate is an international organization that requires a consistent brand approach in its many facilities around the world. ID Signsystems has worked with the organization to develop a language for interior placemaking and wayfinding that creates a consistent brand identity for the organization.

Central to the placemaking approach ID Signsystems developed with International Baccalaureate is the use of large scale graphics to accentuate the international culture of the organization. Imagery was integrated into panel wall, window, signs and floor surfaces. ID Signsystems not only developed and fabricated most of the elements in the program, but also managed the installation in locations around the world, working with local printers and vendors.


The IB official website pointedly states, “We value our hard earned reputation for quality, [and] for high standards …” IB demands no less than it exemplifies. ID Signsystems also has a reputation for excellent quality and high standards and that is undoubtedly one reason that IB chose ID Signsystems as its partner in 2010 when the institution was seeking a new visual identity to be rolled out at several hubs around the world.


Starting with the American hub in Washington, D.C., ID Signsystems has now successfully completed major projects in Singapore; The Hague, Netherlands; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Geneva, Switzerland and most recently Cardiff, Wales. IDS worked with the project architects to implement a sign and digital graphics package that complemented the interior design yet was in keeping with the educational atmosphere.


Building on this international presence, ID Signsystems is continuing to help IB push into more countries and achieve its goal of creating a better and more peaceful world through its programs.

Global brand design by David Bulleid of Facility Design Projects, Ltd.

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