Selecting an Architectural Sign System

When selecting an architectural sign system for your facility or corporation there are a number of important criteria to consider. The following elements should play a key role in your decision making process.


The selected signs systems should be visually attractive, functional, enhance you environment and support your brand identity.The system should not be visually intrusive but subtly supportive of the users’ needs guiding them almost intuitively to their destination and back out of the building on their return journey. Consideration should be given to the demographics of the user group; age, ethnicity and stress level all play a part in how user reacts to a wayfinding journey and how successfully the system is read and understood.


Any system that is changed regularly will need to be robust.Many environments, especially healthcare are very demanding and a well-made, quality system will quickly pay for itself in time saved on repairing and maintaining a lower quality system.


Your architectural sign system needs to be adaptable and grow with you. We always advise focusing your design selection around a comprehensive modular sign system,especially a system that can be easily updated by your own team. Tremendous time and cost savings can be found when focusing on a sign system that allows the end-user to update the information on their own premises. If your specified design is of a more custom nature, consideration should be given to the ease of replacement.Consider the long term implications of repeat orders and long term availability.


By selecting a modular architectural sign system, you can ensure long term availability of replacement products of exactly the same design and quality for years to come.

Code Compliance

Ensuring that your signage is up to date with the most recent version of the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) or local accessibility requirements is a considerable importance when selecting your architectural sign system. Professionaladvice should always be sought from a company that monitors and designs to the latest guidelines.
IDS account managers are agreat resource in giving well considered expert advice to ensure the system you adopt will exhibit great design characteristics and style, be manufactured to the highest quality and designed to meet your budget.

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