Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work with ID Signsystems?

We are able to work with any institution or firm interested in our solutions based approach. The best way to start is to have a discussion with our leadership team on your project goals and scope. We will quickly work with you to put together a plan of action, process approach and potential project budget.

What can ID Signsystems do for me?

Our company can develop nearly any wayfinding, sign or donor recognition system in-house. We also have the capability to manage larger and more complex solutions including electronic message centers and placemaking solutions that require the management of multiple vendors.

What is evidence-based design and planning?

Evidence-based approaches use objective research to justify design and planning decisions. We have leading planners and consultants that can utilize evidence based approaches in healthcare for both wayfinding and communication.

How do I know if I want a custom of modular system solution?

Some projects can be accomplished with a modular system, a completely custom system or a combination of both. After a review of your goals we like to have a thorough discussion on balancing the value of modular systems and the unique design elements. This results in a final solution that works best for the project budget.

Can I play a role in the ongoing management of sign systems after installation?

All of the sign systems we develop include guidelines for ongoing maintenance and management. Many of the systems use inserts that can be printed in-house.

Can I install systems on my own or with my own contractor?

We have the capability to manage installation of our signs around the world, but if you have your own installation team we can provide the systems fully packaged with instructions for installation.

Can you work with designer concepts or intent drawings?

Our team of designers facilitators and fabrication specialists can develop full shop drawings from basic concepts or design intent documents. We have experience working with architects, interior designs, landscape architects and environmental graphic designers.

How would I adapt an existing product to meet my unique needs?

Based on the size of the project we can customize existing product approaches to meet specific goals.

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